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About us

About us

BAM Vermeer has been active in the Netherlands and abroad for more than 25 years.

In addition to extensive experience in logistics and foraging, BAM Vermeer has grown into a broadly oriented employment agency and also provides payroll services for its clients.

BAM Vermeer is traditionally a family business, where much value is attached to personal contact and short lines of communication, both with the temporary worker and the client. BAM Vermeer Uitzend BV has mainly earned its spurs within the agricultural sector for both short and long-term activities and projects.

The increasing request of technical personnel and truck drivers also provides further specialization in these directions. From BAM Vermeer we consciously work with clients who go for a long-term relationship with our temporary employees. Most companies have an open culture and our employees often work directly with the client.

This mentality is also reflected in the accommodations that BAM Vermeer offers, often in collaboration with the client, whereby we choose for small-scale accommodations. BAM Vermeer pays a great deal of care and attention to the level of comfort and sustainability within the housing in order to increase the living standards of the accommodations.

The temporary employees working at BAM Vermeer have a clear goal to work towards, such as being able to support their families, building a new house or a good old-age retirement. BAM Vermeer is therefore looking for temporary staff with a drive! People who know what they want and who want to make an impact on their own lives and that of their immediate environment. Are you or do you know such a person?

Then BAM Vermeer may also have the perfect job for you! BAM Vermeer is a member of the NBBU and is also NEN 4400-1 and SNF certified. BAM Vermeer Uitzend BV also has the VCU certificate.

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