Company name: B.A.M. Vermeer

Address: Biezenmortelsestraat 43, 5074 RB Biezenmortel

Telephone number: 013-4582731

Chamber of Commerce nr: 53075811


Contact person privacy: A.M. van den Brand


Further contact details can be found on our website In this privacy statement, our company is called ‘company’, ‘us’, ‘we’ or ‘our(s)’. In this privacy statement the ‘person concerned’ is the one of whom we are processing personal data.



If we are speaking about our website, we refer to the website mentioned above.



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With this, there are none or very small consequences for the privacy of our website visitors. We don’t process complete IP-addresses and these or other data will not be shared with Google. These cookies are being saved for 6 months.



Personal details

  1. In general and purposes

Our processing of personal details will happen for a number of purposes:

  1. The first purpose is the processing of personal data of prospects or other interested people who are leaving their contact details on our website. These data are being send to us when somebody completed our contact form on our website. We use these personal data to get in touch or maintain contact with the persons concerned.
  2. The second purpose is the processing of personal data of our clients and suppliers, to be able to fulfill the agreement with them. After all, we need to contact our clients and suppliers, settle an agreement and fulfill this agreement.
  • The third purpose is that we are able to send a newsletter or other information. We are asking for permission to send you this. Persons can resign for these messages.
  1. The fourth purpose is to improve our services and optimal functioning of our website. We use cookies on our website (see: cookies).


  1. Which personal data? The personal data we are processing:
  • Name, company name, address, place of living
  • Contact persons
  • Telephone number, e-mail address
  • IBAN
  • Tax number
  • Chamber of Commerce (KvK) number
  • IP-address and internet behavior


  1. Provision to third parties

B.A.M. Vermeer will not sell your personal data to third parties. However, it is possible that we hire third parties to carry out a service or project. B.A.M. Vermeer will only give access to personal data when it’s necessary to provide them for fulfillment of the service or project, and only when there is permission to do so. B.A.M. Vermeer is using IT-services. It is possible that these entities have access to personal data (mostly for a limited period of time). Personal data are saved in the cloud, and also in several software applications in the cloud.


  1. Terms
  • Personal data which are necessary for fulfillment of the agreement, are being saved as long as it takes to fulfill the agreement. When service activities are taking place after fulfillment of the agreement, personal data can be used for these service activities. Whether this is the case depends on the nature of the agreement. Quotations, invoices and agreement confirmations will be saved for 7 years according to Dutch law.
  • Data received by the website will be deleted when it’s clear that the resulting contact will not lead to an agreement.
  • Personal data which we are processing based on obtained permission, are being saved for the duration of the obtained permission.
  • Under the subject ‘cookies’ a storage period is mentioned.
  • We are saving personal data not longer than necessary.


  1. From who we are receiving personal data?

We are receiving personal data by our website and from our prospects or current clients and suppliers.


  1. Security of personal data

Personal data are being processed in a secured environment and saved within the European Union. We have taken security measures for this at several levels. We evaluate the level of security regularly and adjust our security policy if needed.


Rights of the person concerned

The person concerned of whom we are processing personal data has several rights according to the general data protection regulation (AVG). In brief:

  • Information and insight: you can ask for insight in your personal data which we are processing. We are happy to tell you about how and why we are processing the data concerned.
  • Rectification: if the situation occurs that we possess any personal data that is not correct, we will adjust it on your request.
  • Oblivion: we are obligated to delete any personal data on your request. It is possible that we need to safe some personal data for certain purposes.
  • Restriction: if you feel that your personal data is/was being used illegal or unlawful, you can demand to restrict the processing of these personal data.
  • Objection: you have the right to object any processing of your personal data.


The exact content of these rights and it’s restrictions are mentioned in the general data protection regulation (AVG). We are following this regulation when it comes to your rights.


In addition to the rights mentioned above, you can withdraw your permission for the processing of your personal data for the purpose of mailings, newsletters, reviews and customer satisfaction research. You can withdraw your permission by making use of the resign-button at the bottom of our e-mails, or send an e-mail to:



If you feel that your privacy rights are being violated, you have the right to file a complaint at the Authority for Personal Data (


Data leaks

If a personal data breach has occurred, we will report this to the Dutch Data Protection Authority without unreasonable delay, unless it is unlikely that the personal data breach entails a risk to the rights and freedoms of natural persons. If the personal data breach is likely to pose a high risk to the rights and freedoms of natural persons, we will immediately inform the person concerned about the personal data breach.


Version of this privacy statement

This privacy statement was last modified on May 24, 2018.